NEW COLLECTION: SVING - create your own work space

The SVING collection by designer Olav de Boer offers organic building blocks to make unique flexible interiors. SVING, which means 'curve' in Danish, responds to the increasing demand for multi-functionality on a decreasing amount of work space. One configuration can contain multiple functionalities like breakout possibility, active workplace, space division and acoustic improvement. Find out more here

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SVING at new DESQUE showroom


Last Dutch Design Week our Dutch contract dealer Desque opened the doors of their new showroom in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven. Over 200 fellow business colleagues visited the informal gathering that featured besides the MVRDV tabel by ArtMRK the brand new SVING WALL with sofa and desk by designer Olav de Boer for RED STITCH.

#1095 lounge chair at VNAB


The VNAB (Dutch Insurance Exchange Association) moved to a new office at De Veerhaven in Rotterdam and they asked interior architects firm FACD make the interior plan. The result is a mixture between new ways of working and tradition. They choose the RED STITCH #1095 chair for the lounge room where big deals were made in the early days. RED STITCH contract dealer in Amsterdam Interior Works took care of the furnishing side.